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Were you searching for Mobile Phone Insurance ? This site is dedicated to iPhone insurance for your Apple handset.

There are many benefits to obtaining iPhone insurance online, through non-network providers. The most important advantage is lower cost. Purchasing plans through carriers at the point-of-sale usually cost twice as much as non-carrier plans. There are a variety of special, discounted deals available from online businesses. Comparing their rates and securing plans is a simple process.

It is important to check the details of the components that are covered. Not all independent iPhone insurance plans provide the same levels of coverage. Some advertise very low premiums, but have very basic plans. Some offer policies which are no better than extended warranties.

Many plans do not cover loss or water damage. The best plans provide worldwide coverage of loss, accidental damage, theft, liquid or water damage, and fraudulent call protection. In addition, policies that offer instant coverage options, and 48-hour claim services are among the top-rated.

iPhone insurance policies offered through network providers can have minimum terms of two years. The policy periods for independent insurers are generally one year. Online providers offer a couple payment options. They include monthly premiums, or single up-front payments with debit or credit cards. The monthly installment option frequently involves automatic direct debit deductions from a bank account, eventhough paid for monthly, in the event of a claim, the full premium my become due before a replacment handset is issued. This step was brought in by some iPhone insurance companies after massive insurance fraud around the launch of the iphone 3GS. Read the full terms and conditions to find out if this applies to you.

The requirement for full payment before claims can be processed provides the insurer with protection against fraudulent claims and scams. Without this condition, a scamster can pay one month’s premium and then submit a claim for a lost phone. She or he then pays a small excess fee, obtains a new phone, and cancels the insurance policy. Many times, the scamster then sells the phone that was claimed lost. The phone must be sold to a buyer outside the United Kingdom. Otherwise, the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) database for the country will recognize the phone’s serial number, and flag it as being involved with a claim.

These mobile phones have become very popular around the globe. Their advanced features and ease of operation makes them ideal for personal as well as business use. The features include Facetime, two cameras, Retina display, multi-tasking functions, high-definition (HD) video recording and editing, and a five megapixel camera with an LED flash.

Facetime is a user-friendly video-calling feature. It functions right out of the box, with no initial set-up required. To use this application, simply choose a person from the contacts list, and tap the Facetime icon. That will send an invitation to the person to participate in the video call. When she or he accepts, the connection is established. It works in both landscape and portrait modes.

This advanced mobile device has two built-in cameras. One is in the front, the other is in the back. The front camera is used during Facetime sessions. It is programmed to provide the perfect focus of the user’s face when held at arm’s length. If the user wants to capture a picture during the video call, she or he can tap a switch, and the back camera is engaged. Another tap switches back to the front camera.

The Retina display is very high-resolution, and contains four times more pixels than other phones. The pixel density is so high that the human eye cannot discern individual pixels. Images are very sharp, text is very well-defined. The technology used is called in-plane switching (IPS), which provides great resolution from wider viewing angles. No matter how the phone is held, the display is crisp and clear.

The Retina display glass is the same type used in high-speed trains and helicopters. It has been strengthened by chemicals which make it extremely durable, hard and scratch-resistant. The glass has also been treated with an oil-resistant coating, which keeps it smear-free and clean. Ambient lighting and LED back-lighting sensors maintain optimal brightness levels.

New multi-tasking features allow users to switch between applications instantly without affecting the performance of the foreground applications. Double-tapping the home button reveals a list of recently used applications. Users can scroll through the list, and tap the icon of the desired application. It loads instantly. The apps are programmed with memories. When a user returns to an app, she or he can pick-up right where she or he left off. For example, reading materials and games can be resumed from their points of pause.

The multi-tasking function also allows users to listen to music or other audio (baseball games, newscasts) while playing games, browsing the Web, or performing other tasks. Voice calls can also be conducted while performing other tasks, such as checking e-mails.

Also, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) services can run in the background. They keep current positions updated, and can provide spoken directions while users are listening to music. When directions are spoken, the music levels are lowered.

The video recording and editing features allow users to record in high-definition. A built-in LED light and back-side light sensor allows images to be captured in all light levels. The phone also has a built-in tap-to-focus feature. When recording scenes with foreground and background images, the user can tap the part of the image she or he wishes to focus upon. The camera then automatically focuses on that region, and adjusts the exposure to match the lighting conditions.

The five mega-pixel camera has an LED flash. The front-facing camera allows users to take self-portraits. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting provides the ability to capture images in a wide range of light intensities. When using the HDR function, the camera snaps three exposures of each picture. The images are then layered to capture the best exposure levels. On the camera roll, both the HDR and the regular shot are stored.

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iPhone insurance coverage provides valuable protection against damage, loss and theft. These advanced mobile devices are expensive to replace. Securing coverage helps protect this investment. Plans offered by online sources tend to be about half the amount of the plans offered through network providers.

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